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System Spy

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About System Spy

System Spy monitors almost all aspects of your PC: OS, software, internet, keyboard, and mouse activity. It records virtually all keyboard clicks, along with the OS & software usage information. It detects what programs were executed, when, and with what settings (window title, position, width, height, etc). It keeps an eye on all system events, and maintains a detailed log file for each day that can then be easily viewed and analyzed, using an in-built utility, featuring search, timeline mode, export capabilities, and other functions. System Spy can also be run in the stealth mode making itself completely invisible to computer users. By using this software, you can easily gather information about users’ passwords and usernames, websites they were accessing, software they used, and system events that took place.

System Spy is discontinued from June 01, 2005. Discontinued products have no support and no money back guarantee. You can download/purchase them at your own risk.

System Spy Full Version Features

  • Records all keystrokes typed, including usernames and passwords.
  • Records all websites visited, including their urls, and partial content.
  • Records all programs executed, folders explored, files opened or edited, windows opened.
  • Records time and date stamp, and window title for all events.
  • Records very detailed information for every event, including mouse coordinates and window handles.
  • Runs invisible in the background, and can't be found in task manager.
  • Creates text logs report, well formated for reading.
  • Has log file viewer with timeline mode and search functions in-built.
  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Cheapest computer spy for the features it offers.

System Spy Requirements

  • Platform: MS Windows 95/98/Me
  • Requirements: 5 MB HD; 32 MB RAM; Pentium II 250 MHz or better; 640x480, 256

Download Trial Version

Although no official support is available for System Spy, you can still download it from here: http://www.diplodock.com/program/SS2.ZIP (2 270 K).

Purchase Full Version

Although no official support is available for System Spy, you can still purchase it for US $29.99.

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